Lalala – Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith


Super sweet, silky yet jumpy, very nice progression and of course: what a vocal track (not the “lalala”, that’s a sample, the actual singer. Nice).

Also, as you might have guessed (why else would I put it up??) it’s another good, no wait, great example of:

  • “Few chords yet super-song”
  • How patterns can completely change up a chord progression (in other words: how to play a completely different thing with the exact same chords)

This week is sort of a ‘primer’, as I decided to try something new: split up the tutorial.

What does this mean?
Well, nothing much to consider, only that now there are four (in this case) ‘chapters’ to the song tutorial: shorter, more convenient ‘chunks’ which are in fact four actual separate video’s.
This way you’ll have way more convenience in choosing what part you’re ready for and want to practice.

I do suggest always starting with the first chapter, as this clearly explains the basics of the song and the chords / voicings (also, the other chapters assume that you’ve seen and know this). After that, it’s totally up to you.

Please let me know if this works for you: leave a comment and either tell me: “yes, very good, cool, keep doing this!” or “no, I prefer the old mode of ‘one larger video’”.

For this week, lalala and it’s chapters:

  1. Chords
  2. Intro
  3. Verse / Chorus
  4. Bridge / Ending

Have fun!

Cheers Coen.

Lala intro1

Lala bridge 1

Lala bridge 2

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