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Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn

Walking in photo

Timeless piano-riffs are those that just ‘ring’. That sound brilliant and get stuck in your mind the very moment you hear ‘em. Good old, true Pop-Piano music: music that is driven by one of those masterly crafted riffs, played on our beloved instrument. This is one of ‘em. And guess what I’m gonna show you today? How it’s built (out of chords and patterns of course!) and how to play it.« Continue »

I Stand Alone – Robert Glasper ft. Common.

I Stand Alone pic

I don’t think you’d really have to be ‘into’ hiphop to appreciate both the inspiring lyrics and the out-of-this-world, coolness-oozing piano riff that carries the track by this awesome pianist. Let me take you by the hand here and introduce you to the amazing Robert Glasper.


Love The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna

Love the way you lie

Concept learning. That is what this lesson is all about and that is exactly what I love about- and what for me defines Pop-Piano vs. conventional piano-learning.


Clocks – Coldplay


Some tunes just have that quality of instantly becoming a true Pop-Piano classic. Driven by one of those killer Piano-riffs (you guessed it, created and played all by- and with Pop-Piano techniques), that are so signature for this awesome band, one might call this song the summum of Pop-Piano music.


I see fire – Ed Sheeran

I see fire

Guitar-riffs on piano truly can sound wonderful sometimes. This is yet another example of copying some phrases played on another instrument (yes, you guessed it: guitar), adding some ‘piano flavored techniques’ (and some of my own sweet and sour taste) to it and creating a unique but awesome piano part.