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All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor


As the title of this track suggests, practicing this monster-hit is indeed an excellent exercise for developing those left-hand bassline skills. « Continue »

I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith.


Some serious Pop-Piano riffin’ going on in Sam’s new tune.  Pretty easy to grasp (I hope) whilst VERY illustrative to show how to turn a few simple (but nice ‘eh?) chords into an actual piano part. In other words: how to play Pop-Piano: using chords and patterns, sound cool without limitations and play with heart, […]


Shake it off – Taylor Swift


It’s been six weeks.  Six weeks of silence. The longest period of silence in the history of Piano Couture. Why? Where have I been?


A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay


Dance-style tracks often revolve around a fairly simple repetition of a riff and / or the same synth-pumping chord progression over and over, but when the main part of a tune – like with this weeks tutorial featuring mega-hit – is derived from a chord-style driven, organic Pop-Piano part like this… wow. Chris Martin, you’re […]


Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Stay with me

Ease comes in many forms. Personally I like the ones that sound good best, but that’s just me . Sometimes the difficulty lays in finding that which is in the end turns out to be easy. Strip the whole shebang down to what’s actually essential. Effective. And sometimes that leaves you with just 4 different […]